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3D foam signs are very popular applications is advertising bussiness. Almost every company needs a 3D logo for the office, or shop. Foam letters are very good choose for a wall decoration. They are easy to mount on the wall (you simply glue them), they have structure simmilar to the wall, so they fit perfectly. Also you can paint the to the exactly the same colour as the wall, couse you can use latex paint.  They are cheep in production, but they look very elegant.

Renovate has proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control, planning, scheduling and project safety. We have experience that gives us a competitive advantage over others in our field.

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The Multitool version increases machine usability oto a maximum. It allowes you to cut, mill and engrave  in various materials: acrylic,, PLEXI, PVC as well as wood based materials (MDF, polywood).

Swith between the foam cutter and milling tool withought just 1 click. .

Choose a perfect machine for advertising bussiness:

Wire length 600mm 1000mm 1200mm)
Working area 1300x600 2000x1000 2000x1000
MODEL A60 A61 U100 U130
Wire length 600mm 600mm 1000mm 1300mm
Working area 1300x600 1300x1300 2000x1000 3000x1300


The machine is extremely user friendly and in the time we have owned it, it has been and continues to be very reliable. The machine is robust and well built which is useful as we make use of the machine on a daily basis. Although ongoing training is provided, the machine is easy to use and takes a new operative very little time to become au fait with the controls. One of the major pluses for us is that the machine can cut a range of various materials, reducing the need for several machines, saving money and space.

Finally, it is versatile when it comes to the tooling you can use, it even allows the use of CNC router attachment.

Martin Lemiesz

Managing Director in Lemon Signs Ltd


  • Can I prepare project in Adobe Ilustrator, AutoCAD or Corel Draw?

    YES. You (or your customer) can prepare project in other software, than just import it to our TERMCUT software to prepare this project for cutting. Just remember to save the file in AI, EPS, DXF, DWG or PLT format.

  • When I cut an element from XPS or EPS, will it be exactly the same as in the project? Will it have same dimensions?

    YES. The element from foam will have exactly the same dimensions as the project. There is a special option in the software which helps you get the exact dimensions.

  • How long the wire lasts?

    This depends on several factors, but Kanthal wire should las about 10hours of cutting. Titanium wire lasts 4 times more.

  • Can I cut more than one XPS board at one time?

    Yes, you can cut as many boards as you can fit inside your cuttig area. E.G with 600mm cutting wire, you can fit 12 boards of 50mm XPS 🙂

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