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With LYNX TERMCUT foam cutters it is possible to start the production of tapered EPS roof insulation system. You can produce all type of drainage patterns on many type of roofs: shed roof, two-way slope roof, three-way slope roof, four-way slope roof.

“Expanded polystyrene is a logical, cost effective choice in low-slope roofing systems. Tapered EPS insulation provides the required positive slope to drain while retaining the structural and economic advantages of a flat roof deck. It maintains long-term thermal performance, dimensional stability and consistent moisture-resistance. EPS effectively controls the transfer of heat within all roofing systems. “source

Independent axis control is necessary for tapered EPS elements production.

roof drainage

Easy-to-use. Plotter and software. Really fast cutting (compare to Russian’s plotters), reliable and durable. We use plotter in hard condition – from 0°C till 30°C.


Maxim Shterling, Kaliningrad



  • Which model is the best for my production?

    The machine model should be chosen based on dimensions of used EPS blocks, as well as final products dimensions. Check length of the largest roof element, your company is about to produce.

    It is necessary to choose INDEPENDENT AXIS control option for the foam cutter.

  • What is the productivity per hour?

    Productivity depends on 3 elements: density of EPS foam, number of wires set on the machine and diameter of the wires. We can calculate productivity for your company. Please contact us for more information.

  • How about cutting precision?

    We have special offset tools in TERMCUT SOFTWARE. All elements will have the same shape and size, according to the project.

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