Together with our machines we provide:

  • Full training on how to activate ond operate the machine.
  • Proffesional vector graphic and steerage software in english TERMCUT.
  • One year warranty on all components.
  • Accessibility of replacment parts.
  • Technical support


LYNX is a national leader in CNC machines, produced using European components, based on its own technology and unique software, Lynx has received great recognition throughout Europe. As a Company, Lynx has a short definition of good machine. It must be reliable and functional. Only then will it be able to meet your requirements. Therefore simultaneously we develop structures of all our machines and CNC, CAD and CAM software dedicated to their professional use.

For machines produced by LYNX, nothing is impossible. Our engineers and specialists are able to adjust machine parameters to suit individual needs. Our flexible and innovative approach to the posed challenges posed are already appreciated by many customers in Europe and around the world.

We use only quality components ensuring stiffness of the structure, precision and refinement.

Let LYNX Poland help change your business.


Two-years warranty on all components: electronic parts, mechanical parts and software. The only elements excluded from warranty are: cutting wire and milling tools.


As a producer, we have in stock constant supply off spare parts for all our machines. Most of the replacement parts are shipped to the cutromer during 24h from the request.


We provide full support through phone, email, even online programs like Team Viever. We provide help in every aspect, form software, to machine operation and production issues.


Years on the International Market

Machine installations worldwide

Countries we have installed our machines


We want to provide best quality of product and service to our customers. Our products are manufactured based on high quality elements. Together with fine product, we provide good service and fast repairs, if necessary. Our clients are never left alone

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  • How long is the production time for the machine?

    It usually take us 4-6 weeks to produce your machine.

  • Is it difficult to install the machine?

    It is very easy.
    We can send machine to your premises in one piece – fully assembled, tested, calibrated. The only thing you will have to do is to plug it to 230V socket, and connect it to your PC. (all cables included in set)
    When it is not possible to send machine in one piece, we ship it in parts. But do not worry – you will get very detailed manual, on how to assemble the machine. It shouldn’t take more than 3 hours to fully assemble it.

  • What is included in the machine set?

    Everything is included in the set: machine, controller, cutting wire, Ethernet and power cables, manual.
    You only need PC with a Windows system, and foam: EPS or XPS.

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