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LYNX: Your CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine Manufacturer

Specializing in CNC machine production, LYNX is a Polish company that crafts excellence. Our hot wire foam cutters are built from European components, using our innovative technology and unique software. Trusted by partners across Poland and the European market, we take pride in our reputation.

As a CNC cutting machine manufacturer with over 15 years of experience, we know that a good CNC cutter has to be reliable, functional, and tailored to customer needs. To meet our customer’s needs and remain the leader of innovation, we constantly refine our CNC cutting technology and dedicated software.


We provide a warranty covering all components: electronic, mechanical, and software. Consumable elements are the only exceptions.


As a CNC cutting machine manufacturer, we stock spare parts for all models. All spare and consumable parts are available with the fastest available delivery option.


Our online technical support is here to solve issues related to machines, software, or the cutting process. Contact us by phone, email, or apps like TeamViewer and WhatsApp.


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Our mission goes beyond crafting and delivering cutting machines. Our main driver is to make sure that LYNX hot wire cutters are tailored to our customer’s needs and support their business goals. Therefore, we offer comprehensive consultation, training, servicing, and technical support at every stage of cooperation. Let us know how we can support your business!

Our machines are constructed using high-quality aluminum and steel. Emphasizing cutting permanence and smoothness, we carefully test each machine. This ensures that our devices are not only fast and precise but also reliable — designed to serve your business for years.


  • How long does it take to develop the machine?

    CNC Cutting Machine production ranges from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the model and required modifications. Each order is personalized to ensure optimal performance.

  • Is a cutter installation difficult and complex?

    Installation is really straightforward. LYNX TERMCUT cutting machines can be shipped fully assembled and calibrated. Simply plug it into a 230V power source and connect it to a computer using the included cable wire. For cutters sent in parts, we provide remote support and operational and software training. There is also on-site installation available as an on-demand, additional paid service.

  • How can I order a cutting machine?

    Contact our team to discuss your requirements and hot wire cutter specification. If you know precisely which model of CNC machine you need, send your order to:

    To process your order, we’ll require cutter specification, invoicing information, and shipping details.

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