Technical specification

LYNX TERMCUT hot wire foam cutters are computer-controlled (CNC) machines used for cutting elements and carving shapes from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS) foams. LYNX cutting machines are user-friendly and equipped with intuitive software. After one day of training, you will learn about all features of machine and software to quickly start using it in your production.

We offer several models of LYNX TERMCUT cutters. They differ in dimensions and, consequently, in their purpose. The LYNX T1/60 from the TERMCUT A series, equipped with a short wire, is used for example for cutting 3D letters and logos in XPS foam. Machines with long wires are widely used in the production of architectural and thermal insulation elements, styrofoam parts, and more.

Regardless of the type, all LYNX CNC cutters provide precision and smooth cutting flow. The machines are made from high-quality aluminum profiles, and their motion mechanisms are based on bearings, gears, and steel wires. Equipped with the automatic wire tensioner and intuitive software, as well as additional accessories of your choice, are hassle-free in operation and highly efficient.

How do LYNX cutting machines work?

Lets’ cut any shape from EPS or XPS foam just in few steps:

  • Place a piece of foam on the machine and set the starting point.
  • Design the final result in the provided CAD software or import a ready vector graphic.
  • Convert your design in just one click.
  • Choose the right cutting parameters for your foam.
  • Export the design with the cutting parameters to the machine (with just one click).
  • The hot wire cutter is ready to start the cutting process.

All LYNX cutting machines have a built-in security system. The wire tensioning system is connected to controllers and a switch. In case of accidental wire breakage, the cutting machine will automatically shut down. The operator can quickly replace the wire and restart the device.

Hot wire cutters series



      LYNX TERMCUT U line of hot wire cutters are CNC machines with a large working area, used for the production of elements of different ranges and lengths.



      LYNX TERMCUT A line of foam cutting machines are precise CNC cutters designed for the accurate carving of complex 3D shapes from EPS and XPS foam



      LYNX TERMCUT MW line multi-wire cutters are professional, industrial machines with high efficiency, used for mass production


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