Shapewire is an additional cutting tool, available for all models of LYNX hot wire foam cutters.  It is used together with the Turntable and Lathe, for different results. Shapewire is mounted on a machine’s shoulder (horizontally or vertically), instad of the Straitwire. It is a very thick hot wire, with thickness of 1mm or more, which can be bent in all kind of shapes, according to the operator’s needs. With this tool it is possible to cut concave and convex shapes. The Shapewire is helpfull with mass production of 3D objects, when  customar wants to cut the number of elements of the same shape.

The cutting process can be performed two ways, both with the Turntable and Lathe.

1)First type of cutting is a simple cut with 360-degree rotation. The Shapewire has to be bended in a contour shape of an element. Than the operator mounts it onto the machines shoulder, and places a block of material on the Turntable (when sutting vertically) or on the Lathe (when cutting horizontally). The cutting move is simple –  Shap wire moves forward, towards the material, goes inside and stop.Than a block of material is being rotated by 360 degrees by a Turntable or Lathe. After the full rotation, the Shape wire goes out of the material. The operator receives a symmetrical 3D object like vase, base of the column etc.

2) Second type of cutting process with Shapewire is named swirl. This type of cutting differs from the previous one only in one parameter – when the Shapewire enters the material it doesn’t stop, but is moves togerter with the rotating accessorie. For example when using Shape wire with the Lathe, cutting is performed this way: The operator places the block of material on the Lathe. The shape wite enters material and then starts moveing horizontally, while it the same time, the Lathe starts rotating. The Lathe can rotate by less or more then 360 degrees, but usually it rotates by more than 360 degrees. In this process the shape wire makes grooved shape on the side of the block of material.

shape wire 72
table size 1000mm
device size 1050x1050x200mm
weight 40kg
shape wire donat 72
shape wire 3
shape wire 72
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