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Multi-wire CNC Cutter and Its Applications

A machine equipped with multiple cutting wires, also known as a multi-wire cutter, is a type of CNC machine for hot wire cutting. Machines of this type are used for cutting various shapes from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS). Due to their design, they are used to create various forms, from simple strips and blocks to letters and other decorative elements with intricate patterns.

Multi-Wire CNC Cutter for Styrofoam Blocks

An example of a multi-wire CNC cutter is the LYNX TERMCUT MW. This is one of our flagship products in which we have incorporated several interesting solutions. The machine can be equipped with up to 20 cutting wires and consists of two cutting stations. The first station allows for cutting elements of any shape, while the second is used for precise slicing of materials. Despite its multifunctionality, this type of CNC cutter is user-friendly and easy to operate. It finds applications in companies that require a large quantity of repetitive styrofoam elements, as well as those involved in the production of unique decorative elements.

A machine for cutting with a heated wire has many applications. It can be used for bulk cutting of plugs or facade moldings. It also excels in the precision cutting of complex shapes such as decorative moldings.

If you are looking for a machine for non-standard applications or need a personalized machine for cutting with a heated wire, please contact us. We offer solutions tailored to the requirements of our diverse customers.




      LYNX TERMCUT U line of hot wire cutters are CNC machines with a large working area, used for the production of elements of different ranges and lengths.



      LYNX TERMCUT A line of foam cutting machines are precise CNC cutters designed for the accurate carving of complex 3D shapes from EPS and XPS foam



      LYNX TERMCUT MW line multi-wire cutters are professional, industrial machines with high efficiency, used for mass production

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